Hello, my name is Ms. Hegarty. Join me as I travel to New Orleans to study Climate Change and Caterpillars!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Goodbye to The Swamp

Today was the last day at the bunkhouse. Also, the last day for caterpillar plots and kayaking on the bayou. It was a great day and I tried to enjoy every moment. Tomorrow we will pack up everything we have collected and head back to New Orleans. We will take every thing back to the lab at Tulane University.


The swamp.

Swamp alligator.

A Moth Pupa. ( internet picture)

A butterfly chrysalis. (internet picture)

Answers to Questions:

* There are many differences between butterflies and moths but there are also many similarities. Draw a Venn Diagram!

* Both butterflies and moths form pupae. A butterfly pupa is called a chrysalis. A moth pupa is just a pupa! A chrysalis is more likely to be found out in the open and is camouflaged. A moth pupa is usually dark colored and the moth is more visible on the inside.

*Butterflies and moths have similar life cycles. They both hatch from eggs which become caterpillars. They both form a pupa but some moths pupate inside a cocoon which they make first. Butterflies never form a cocoon, only a pupa.

* Moths typically have hairier bodies and their antennae look like feathers.

* Butterflies appear less hairy and their antennae are clubbed or hooked at the end.

*Generally, moths are more active at night.

* Generally, butterflies are more colorful than moths.

The question about moths eating clothes was interesting.

* It is the caterpillars that eat the clothes. There are specific species of moths that are usually responsible. The research scientists say it is possible that some butterfly caterpillars could eat clothes too.

* There are a total of 9 of us working here. Six are volunteers like myself. The others are Doctorate students at Tulane University.

* I have not seen more butterflies or moths than on Grand Island but I have seen a greater variety (diversity).

Today's word: Eclose ( A butterfly will eclose from a chrysalis.)

Have a great weekend! Be good!