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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots and Lots and Lots of Caterpillars

Another long day. This work is exhausting! We were up early
and began entering information into the database. Since the begining of this project, over 14,000 catrpillars have been collected. I logged in 34 today. If we do not know the species, we need to figure it out. The microscope is really helpful and we use photos and notes from the research scientists.

This caterpillar was collected on Tuesday. I think it belongs to the family Tortricidae. He is cute, don't you think?

The photo was taken using the microscope above.

These photos were also taken using the microscope. This is Agraulis vanillae, the Gulf Fritillary butterfly.

After lunch, we went to the swamp and worked on a plot. There were not many caterpillars but I did see this tree frog.

Yesterdays word tritrophic refers to three levels of eating in a food web. Producers, caterpillars and in this case, the parisatoids. A parisatoid enters the body of its host and uses its body as food. It is a bit like the movie Aliens.
Today's word: chrysalis
Warm up: What do you think is the difference between a butterfly and a moth?


  1. Verdi thinks that the moth is male and the butterfly is female (lol). McMahon thinks that one has hair, the moth, and one does not. Pusateri thinks that moths like the dark and butterflies are attracted to the light. Jordan thinks that butterflies have brighter colors and moths are more neutral in color. Pods thinks (go figure) - never mind!!! Russo thinks that butterflies come out in the morning and moths come out at night. Mod 2 wants you to tell them the difference?

  2. That orange catepillar is kinda small. im guessing the spikes are to protect itself well see ya later ms. H

  3. Butterflies' wings are symmetrical and a moth's wings are not. Moths are nocturnal creatures attracted to shadows of light. Butterflies are more colorful. Moths have more neutral to darker color wings. Crysalis structure and length of time in the crysalis differs between moths and butterflies. How many scientists are out in the field collecting with you?

  4. Jazmine:Butterflies are pretty and colorful and whit wings. Isn't their diet different?

    Drew: Butterflies are symmetrical

    Butterflies come out in the day, and moths come out at night?

    Butterflies are bigger than moths?

    Scott: is asking if all moths were once catepillars?

  5. Moths eat clothes? Do butterflies eat clothes?

    Butterflies are bigger and prettier?

    Moths move their wings at a higher rate than butterflies?

    Butterflies have a larger wing span?

    Andrew Frisch .How many butterflies have you seen?

    Savannah: Are moths attracted to light?

  6. Anthony: Moths are bigger.
    Tim: Moths are usually white, and butterflies are a variety of colors

    Caitlin: Butterlies are often poisonous to preditors.

    Karli: Moths can be very small.

    Butterflies suck pollen and moths do not?

    Jillian: moths tend to be nocturnal.

    Moths and butterflies have a powdery substnace on their wings.